Shein Stripes


wearing: SHEIN top | ECLAIR COLLECTION shorts | MICHAEL KORS bag | LIPSTIK sandals | QUAY sunglasses

Hey y'all! I just recently came back from the United States after spending a total of two weeks in Houston, Miami and Orlando (NB: travel diaries are on their way). Even after a whole week, my body clock has yet to adjust to the Australian time as I continue to crash early and wake up throughout the night, any suggestions for a quick fix?

USA is no doubt a place for everyone: foodies, sport fanatics make up junkies and of course shopaholics. One of Houston's main attraction is the Galleria which one of the biggest shopping malls I have ever visited, hence the perfect place for us to spend our first day.
Whenever I plan to go shopping, I try to choose an outfit that is comfortable. The warm Texan weather especially encouraged me to wear some light and breezy which is why I chose this off-shoulder stripey top from Shein. Despite the fact that skinny jeans pretty much goes with any top you try on, it is such a hassle taking them off when trying dresses and bottoms, hence these white shorts are my alternative go-to bottom for my shopping journeys, easy to take off and put back on making the whole fitting room experience more enjoyable.

xox, ET



wearing: THE EDITOR'S MARKET dress | GIVENCHY bag | ADIDAS shoes | QUAY sunglasses

You know what they say about horizontal stripes, they make you look bigger than what you actually are and even the slimmest of slims are victims of this trend. While the power of optical illusion does prove this theory to be true, that shouldn't stop people from wearing them right? Make sure they are made well, fit well and wear it with the right accessories to complement it such as this fitted leather jacket. I added a pair of monochrome sneakers to keep it simple and comfortable throughout the day. 

Casually Blue


wearing: THE EDITOR'S MARKET top | ECLAIR COLLECTION shorts | vintage denim jacket | ASOS choker | ADIDAS shoes | CHLOE bag

I feel like I never have enough off-shoulder pieces; evident from posts featuring this voluminous ruffled-sleeves top, striped romper and black lace top. It is a versatile trend that is hard to not fall in love with, due to its femininity and romantic look. I have mentioned this numerous times, but I also cannot get over the white and blue outfit combo, especially with summer peeking just around the corner. So for a weekend brunch, I based my outfit on this casual off the shoulder top from the Editor's Market and paired it with a denim jacket, white shorts and a pair of eye-catching rose gold toe embellished Adidas superstars. 

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